Black Sherif – ‘The Villain, I Never Was’ Review

The highly anticipated album by the young and talented blacko finally arrives today 6th October, 2022, and it doesn’t disappoint on first listen. It brings the same energy that make us appreciate black sherif’s music from start to end.

The Album tracklist is below:

  • The Homeless Song
  • Oil In My Head
  • 45
  • Soja
  • Prey Da Youngsta
  • Sad Boys Don’t Fold
  • Konongo Zongo
  • Wasteman
  • We Up
  • Toxic Love City
  • Don’t Forget Me
  • Oh Paradise
  • Kweku The Traveller
  • Second Sermon – Remix

The Homeless Song reminds me of the original version of Second Sermon, he talks about the struggle of him and his peers, The streets made him who he is. This song has got some rawness to it, makes me wonder when he wrote it.

Oil in My Head is a feel good song, He is talking about how blessed he is, considering the neighborhood he grew up in. This song is very relatable to many Ghanaian youths. David said in the Bible ” You anoint my head with oil”, This song overall shows us the positive side of Black Sherif.

45 came in with alot of energy, The sound production on this album overall has been top notch, “which kind world be this?”, Blacko talks about life, he will do all he has to do then die and go like everyone.

The next song Soja was released a few weeks before the album dropped, so the familiarity when you hear it is very pleasing, The emotions revealed by Black Sherif on this song is absolutely beautiful.

I love the Production on Prey Da Youngsta, You feel the emotions before black sherif begins to rap on the beat, He talks about prayer and makes it clear that God is his Pillar that holds him firm. He talks about his fears but at the same time he knows, Prayer will protect him.

Sad Boys Don’t Fold shows Black Sherif’s ability to rap with braggadocio. He tells us he is that guy you don’t want to mess with, he won’t fold if you test him.

On Konongo Zongo which is the name of the place he is from, Blacko talks about his story before fame, He reveals details about altercations, family members being angry with him and many more. He makes it clear he keeps his story to himself, because no one really knows him and what he has been through.

Wasteman will be an anthem in the streets and “zongos”, Its the reason we love Blacko, he talks about the struggle of the youth, “My bredda is a wasteman, them they watch make e go”.

We Up is produced by London, Black Sherif has a positive outlook on a life where its nothing but struggle, he talks about his losses but that won’t stop him from being Up.

On Toxic Love City talks about him or the youth being trapped in a system where getting a better life is very rare, but he still loves the environment even though its toxic, He will find happiness and be free.

Don’t forget me is the tune I have fallen in love with, this will be great for the ladies since its a love song. He talks to a girl on the song, he asks this girl to let them make some memories because doesnt know what life will bring, he doesnt know when he will see her again. The tune is very emotional.

On Oh Paradise Blacko talks about losing someone he was in love with, On this tune we hear a sort of weeping blacko, it shows him in a very emotional and sad state.

The next song Kweku The Traveler was released long before the album dropped, my familiarity with the song makes it one of my favorites on the album, He talks about leaving home in search of a better life, and his struggles on this journey. This song feels fresh no matter how many times you listen to it.

The last on the album is Second Sermon – Remix features Burna Boy. This song was also released long before the album dropped, the original version of this song was my introduction to black sherif’s album. This remix still has the same rawness and very relatable to the youth.

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Overall I think the album is very good, the beats are top notch, the message and flow from blacko still amazes me considering his age. He talks like a 40 year old man and that is incredible.

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