e-KYC Startup VerifyMe Launches QoreID In Ghana

VerifyMe, a verification startup platform that enables seamless, real-time ID verifications have officially launched QoreID in Ghana.

QoreID is a dedicated consumer analytics platform that provides secure digital ID verification and authentication tools to enable medium and enterprise-size business entities easily connect customers and their information.

Speaking at a mixer, reps from QoreID stated that they were excited to come to Ghana and offer their services to clients and customers.

They gave a small presentation showing how the QoreID platform provides a range of solutions including secure verification and authentication solutions that connect businesses to trusted identities and critical consumer analytics such as alternative credit scoring.

They also showed off their workflow and reports feature to better provide insights for their customers.

QoreID Workflow feature

VerifyMe raised an undisclosed Series A round in 2020 and Ghana will be the first country that company has expanded to. The company has plans to expand to other countries in the future.

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